With commercial space travel on the horizon, we will see a new age of transportation bringing with it adaptive and innovative food traditions, as well as insights into contemporary economic thinking, political agendas, and disparity of the classes.

This project explores the intersection of food and transit to understand how gastronomic traditions for travel will evolve in the future landscape of space travel and space tourism.
Throughout history, food on transportation has been reflective of culture, economy, and politics. This project began by exploring the evolution of transit and how food has adapted to these peripatetic habits. Different modes of transport host their own repertoire of foods and the semiotics of these meals capture an insight into social and political events, reflective of class and culture. 

Jelly can narrate a unique account of American history,  spanning various social and political events, such as the Industrial Revolution, Mass Immigration, War Rationing, and  The Great Depression. Jelly illustrates the rise of processed foods and the American middle class. 
This photo collection playfully speculates on the future commercialization of space flight and how food may evolve with future culture, economy, and politics.
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