The Faraway Bistro is a collaborative project that explores the intersection of food and community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ritualistic habits of a meal were disregarded and disrupted. For many, it had become a lonely and singular experience. The Faraway Bistro aims to turn these bleak meals into an occasion to remind us of the enrichment and comfort food can bring in times of uncertainty.
The Faraway Bistro invites 'Distant Diners' to collaborate creating a virtual space for each singular meal to connect, eventually creating a virtual dinner table celebrating each of our diners’ meals; an unconventional feast.

'Distant Diners' are a collective of creatives from around the world. Discover more about their work through the links below! 


Sondos Azzam
Food Artist | Dubai, UAE

Freya Smith
Designer | Taipei, Taiwan

Emilie Wall
Set Designer | London, UK
Nahla Tabbaa
Artist | Dubai, UAE

Ceramicist | Dubai, UAE

Micah Beverly
Web Creative 
Arizona, USA

Cafe de Riz
Cafe | Taipei, Taiwan

Dorian Berg
Potter | Taipei, Taiwan

Daisy Does Nails
Nail Artist | Sheffield, UK

Kanishka Gupta
Embroiderer | London, UK
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